My designs are taken from the countryside around me, while walking on the beaches and mountains on the West Coast of Scotland.


I gather up gale blown wood, fallen antlers, sea shells, pebbles anything I think I can work a design around. I have a lovely old Labrador who is a failed gun dog but is brilliant at finding and retrieving fallen antlers. I am also given antlers and teeth from the stalkers who come to this area and would like them made into a memento of there experiences here especially a first stag.


Every piece is one of a kind. I am happy to commission a piece if there is something you have in mind, or you have your own antler or special deers tooth.


My Woodturning


Below are some samples of my work, mostly  custom made so please email any ideas that you may have or wish to discuss.

Please double click large image for details and small images for preview.
The deers tooth jewellery is all custom made, but if you missed out collecting your own deers tooth, I have some I have collected from local keepers.

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